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The Digitals project was born in late 70's by the musician and composer Toni Fernandez, as a personal studio for his musical creations. Soon opened its doors in response to the demand of mallorcan musicians to record and publish their compositions. For more than thirty-five years, and to date, this center for musical and cultural creation has been active in the Balearic Islands.

In the first decades of 80 and 90, Digitals fulfills a decisive role in the production and publication of independent music in our Islands. Toni Fernández created a new space for musical creation in which converged styles as diverse as the best Pop Rock at the time, the first productions of classical, jazz and Folklore of our Islands. For the first time Digitals released the best of our musical culture.

Toni FernándezIn 1993 Digitals incorporates the brand ONA DIGITAL as a publishing firm. As the studios offered the best technology of the time, they became an indispensable reference for all musicians in the Islands, and for the first time it was possible that artists from around the world considered recording their music in Mallorca. This is how Annie Lennox, Roger Eno, Presuntos Implicados, Los Chicos del Coro, and many others ended working at our studios.

Nowadays we start a new era in which the producer DIGITALS PRO, in constant renewal of its equipment, combines the best analog sound with the latest digital technology, offering a studio in the best conditions for the musical creation and audiovisual production.

Through the hands of Toni Fernandez there have been hundreds of productions. We would like to thank all those who have entrusted the realization of his personal project to our studies, with the illusion of having grown up mutually with the magic of shared music.

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